MPAC works with physicians of nearly all specialties to help them start or grow their own practice.

MPAC’s contracts with hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and other health care organizations to provide coordinated care across the post-acute spectrum. Because our network covers such a large geographic area, it can be more efficient to have independent physicians and/or physician groups provide such care in a given geographic area. In these cases, MPAC arranges to have the facility assign patients directly to the Network Physician Partner.

MPAC physician partners work closely with NP's and PA's who are the cornerstone to MPAC's SNF Program. In doing so, they provide an enhanced level of care and have greater capacity to take on more patients.

MPAC Physician Partners: 

  • Spend less time on non-billable patient management activities
  • Benefit from improved efficiencies allowing them to take on a larger patient load
  • Are desirable partners for managed care, ACO's, and other shared saving organizations
  • Receive fewer calls during the day, evening and weekend

There is no cost to become an MPAC Network Physician Partner, however Physician Partners are completely responsible for their own malpractice, billing etc. If you're interested in learning more about becoming an MPAC network partner, submit the form below. 

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