Pressure ulcers and wounds are a leading factor in litigation and require extensive labor hours for nursing facilities.

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Incorporating a robust cloud-based documentation and reporting platform, MPAC's Wound Prevention and Management Program contributes to facilities experiencing decreased litigation, reductions in labor hours, and improved survey and quality measure scores. 

Utilizing MPAC's nurse practitioner, who is onsite full time, as the key component of MPAC's base program, facilities that opt for MPAC's Wound Prevention and Management Program benefit from having a wound care certified NP, focused on advanced care planning for wound management. MPAC's Wound Prevention and Management Program works in collaboration with the facilities wound care specialist. When appropriate, MPAC's wound care certified NP will even provide wound related interventions between the rounding visits from the facilities wound care specialist.





Our wound care certified NPs perform:

  • Comprehensive wound assessments
  • Advanced care planning for wound management
  • Interventions and treatments
  • Surface recommendations
  • Formal education an in-services for nursing staff
  • Quarterly head-to-toe skin assessments
  • Root-cause analysis via data produced by the wound management system
  • Debridements upon request