MPAC is uniquely positioned to partner with palliative/hospice care providers to compliment the level of palliative care they provide in the long term care setting. In doing so, the MPAC Care Team focuses on advanced care planning and providing palliative interventions consistent with the plan of care. 

With such a program, an MPAC employed social worker maintains a high presence at each facility. Upon admission, the MPAC licensed clinical social worker initiates a goals of care discussion with each resident/ family and completes/updates their POLST documentation. The licensed clinical social worker revisits and initiates new discussions on an on going basis ensuring palliative care options are top of mind for residents/families as their condition evolves. If the licensed clinical social worker determines that comprehensive palliative care is appropriate for a given resident, he/ she will inform the facility so they can coordinate a palliative consult. 

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MPAC'S NP who is already onsite daily, and trained with a focus on palliative care, essentially functions as an extension of the palliative specialists' team. Once the palliative care specialist has met with the resident/ family and developed palliative care plan, the MPAC NP works in collaboration with the palliative care specialist to ensure that the palliative care plan is adhered to. 

Our Advanced Care Planning & Disease Management program does not compete with or replace the facilities' palliative/hospice provider. To the contrary, we work in collaboration with them to provide the palliative care that can be cost prohibitive for them to provide on their own.