Most medical conditions are episodic in nature. This makes it nearly impossible for the attending physician to be present at the earliest onset of a medical episode. As a result, minor ailments can progress into more serious conditions.

MPAC's SNF Program bridges this gap by delivering timely medical care through staffing the facility with an on-site Advanced Practice Clinician (nurse practitioner or physician assistant). Functioning as an extension of the attending physicians' team, the MPAC provider is on-site daily, available to treat any patient at the moment their condition warrants it. 

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Care Model

MPAC practitioners provide a high level of coordination that complements the work of the attending physician.

  • 12 hours of coverage, 7 days a week
  • MPAC providers care for patients with many types of insurance, including medicaid
  • We proactively identify triggers and manage conditions
  • When more urgent care is needed, the MPAC provider will treat-in-place when possible
  • Medications and treatments are monitored and adjusted as needed

Our goal is to decrease the burden of time-consuming non-billable patient management activities required of the attending physician. 

As a result of MPAC's SNF program, the physician will experience:

  • A continued rounding schedule without interruption to billing

  • A reduction in non-billable patient management activities
  • A reduction in calls during the day, evening, and weekend
  • Freed up time because direct supervision is not required

MPAC's advance practice clinician will:

  • Review medications, orders, and laboratory test
  • Review and respond to abnormal laboratory values
  • Attend to acute and chronic problems on a daily basis
  • Serve as another point of contact for patients and their families

Program Benefits

Facilities partnered with MPAC will have an additional point of distinction when marketing to hospitals, physicians, and the community

  • Reduced risk of infection, falls, and other common causes of hospitalizations
  • Additional support for survey
  • Enhanced marketability
  • Improved resident satisfaction
  • Less demand on nursing staff and physicians
  • DON's report that their staff is more confident performing their own work by having an MPAC provider on-site